Smash Amiibo Stand (58 or 68 Slots)

Smash Amiibo Stand (58 or 68 Slots)

Here is a stand that will organize and house all your smash line of amiibo . (all 58)
This stand has 5 row, three rows will have 12 slots each and the other 2 rows have 11 each for a total of 58. Due to the size, this stand is only offered unpainted. The dimensions on this 58 slot stand is 30" long x 12.5" Deep x 4" high

I also have an option of making a 68 slot stand that will allow you to house the entire 58 smash amiibo and the 3 player 2 (Bayonetta, Cloud, and Female Corrin), the 3 other game and watch poses (I will include 3 free bases (non-nfc) for the other poses), Famicom Rob, and the 3 new ultimate amiibo releasing on December 7th (Ridley, Inkling Girl, and Wolf) The 68 slot stand dimensions are 35" long x 12.5 "deep x 4" high

(Pictures show the 68 slot stand. )

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