Wuthering Heights (Penguin Classics)

Wuthering Heights (Penguin Classics)

One of English literature's classic masterpieces—a gripping novel of love, propriety, and tragedy. Nominated as one of America’s best-loved novels by PBS’s The Great American Read

Emily Brontë's only novel endures as a work of tremendous and far-reaching influence. The Penguin Classics edition is the definitive version of the text, edited with an introduction by Pauline Nestor.

Lockwood, the new tenant of Thrushcross Grange, situated on the bleak Yorkshire moors, is forced to seek shelter one night at Wuthering Heights, the home of his landlord. There he discovers the history of the tempestuous events that took place years before. What unfolds is the tale of the intense love between the gypsy foundling Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw. Catherine, forced to choose between passionate, tortured Heathcliff and gentle, well-bred Edgar Linton, surrendered to the expectations of her class. As Heathcliff's bitterness and vengeance at his betrayal is visited upon the next generation, their innocent heirs must struggle to escape the legacy of the past.

In this edition, a new preface by Lucasta Miller, author of The Brontë Myth, looks at the ways in which the novel has been interpreted, from Charlotte Brontë onwards. This complements Pauline Nestor's introduction, which discusses changing critical receptions of the novel, as well as Emily Brontë's influences and background.

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Height Increase Half Elevator Insole 1/2 inch (2-Pack) - Men

Height Increase Half Elevator Insole 1/2 inch (2-Pack) - Men

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Unique 4 Layer 8 cm (3.15 inch) Height Increase Insole Taller Shoes Pad for Men and Women

Unique 4 Layer 8 cm (3.15 inch) Height Increase Insole Taller Shoes Pad for Men and Women

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Pixnor 3-Layer Air up Height Increase Elevator Shoes Insole  - 7 cm (approximately 2.8 inches) Heels Inserts for Men and Women

Pixnor 3-Layer Air up Height Increase Elevator Shoes Insole - 7 cm (approximately 2.8 inches) Heels Inserts for Men and Women


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In The Heights (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

In The Heights (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Get ready to experience an exhilarating journey into one of Manhattan's most vibrant communities, named "BEST MUSICAL OF THE YEAR" by NewYork Magazine and "BEST OF 2007" by The New York Times. With an amazing cast, incredible dancing and a gripping story of hope and self discovery, In The Heights is your ticket into a world where the coffee from the corner bodega is light and sweet, the windows are always open, and the breeze carries the rhythm of three generations of music. Find out what it takes to make a living, what it costs to have a dream, and what it means to be home...In The Heights.

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Wuthering Heights (1939)

Wuthering Heights (1939)

Wuthering Heights (DVD)

The story of unfortunate lovers Heathcliff and Cathy who, despite a deep affection for one another, are forced by circumstance and prejudice to live their apart. Heathcliff and Cathy first meet as children when her father brings the abandoned boy to live with them. When the old man dies several years later Cathy's brother, now the master of the estate, turns Heathcliff out forcing him to live with the servants and working as a stable boy. The barrier of class comes between them and she eventually marries a rich neighbor, Mr. Edgar Linton, at which point Heathcliff disappears. He returns several years later, now a rich man but little can be done.


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Muck Arctic Weekend Mid-Height Rubber Women's Winter Boots - Black Quilt - 6

Muck Arctic Weekend Mid-Height Rubber Women's Winter Boots - Black Quilt - 6

Fashion and function come together in Muck Arctic Weekend Mid-Height Rubber Women's Winter Boots. These versatile mid-height women's snow boots are 100% waterproof with a cozy fleece lining to keep feet warm and dry. Featuring a 5 mm neoprene bootie, these women's winter boots adjust to the contours and movements of your feet while absorbing impacts with every step. A lightweight EVA midsole adds even more cushioning for longer treks, while the reinforcement at the Achilles area improves the durability of the exterior. Comfort rated from -20°F (-30 °C) to 50 °F (10 °C), these insulated boots are designed to keep feet and toes comfortable in the extreme cold. The design of these women's snow boots is easy to match with any outfit or outerwear, and the lightweight rubber outsole grips onto slippery surfaces to prevent slips and falls.

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Height Indicator Tape Ruler. Made in USA.

Height Indicator Tape Ruler. Made in USA.

Posh Rulers Height Indicator Tapes are made in the USA. Made of a high-tech material that's easy to apply and suitable for indoor or outdoor applications, the tapes are 0 to 84" with 1/8" graduations and 0 to 213 centimeters graduations. Whether it's for your home, school, gymnasium, hospital, clinic or vet surgery, at a convenient 1 1/2" wide they'll suit door and window frames and work well on walls and workbenches. As a highly durable and rip-resistant material, it will stick around curved surfaces such as poles and corners of walls. If you need to, it's easy to cut down in height with household scissors. Application: DO NOT PULL HARD ON THE TAPE or it will stretch the tape causing irreversible inaccuracy. The latter is hard to do, but we now provide a warning on the box to remind purchasers. The easiest way to apply your height indicator tape is to start from the bottom of the floor. Peel back about 2" of the tape from its backing. Then, as shown in one of the pictures, simply guide the tape upwards to the top. Just like a sticker! Don't worry about creases because once you've applied it, you can then rub out any crinkles, creases or air-bubbles as this is a particular feature that the material is made to do extremely well. Please note that the tape is not intended for re-use. Peeling off the whole tape and sticking it somewhere else could stretch the tape rendering it inaccurate. Thank you for considering Posh Rulers, a trademark of Posh Lines. We are proud to have our product MADE IN THE USA.

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Vulcan Brands Basic Load Height Measuring Stick (Measures up to 15')

Vulcan Brands Basic Load Height Measuring Stick (Measures up to 15')

With Two Piece Hinge, Wing Nut And US Measurement Markings

  • Ideal for auto haulers, equipment movers, fire and rescue, police, truckers, wide load escorts and more
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  • Loosen the nut and retract the arm to the folded position for easy storage
  • Basic height stick accurately measures loads from 6' to 15'
  • Large, accurate easy-to-read numbers are marked off in 1" increments for precise measurement
  • Spring-loaded locking push buttons on each section for confidence when measuring loads
  • Full 4' horizontal arm for easy measurement of extra-wide loads
  • Strong, non-conductive fiberglass construction provides extra operator safety
  • Heavy rubber boot base for superior stability, even in windy conditions
  • Compact design collapses to 5.5' for easy storage in tool boxes or truck cabs
  • Includes a convenient reusable storage bag to keep your stick clean while not in use

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