UC Browser for Android

UC Browser for Android

    Clean Yet Complete UI - Redesigned navigation page and simplified settings.

    Intuitive Tab Management - Intuitive and dynamic gesture control for managing tabs.

    FB Faster Add-on - Enjoy the fastest Facebook browsing with the FB Faster add-on.

    Smart Downloading - Supports multiple, background, and cloud downloading with auto reconnection.

    Incognito Browsing - Private browsing to protect your privacy.

    Night Mode - Switch to night mode to read more comfortably at night.

    Control Videos with Gestures - Volume, brightness, progress, etc. can all be controlled by gestures.

    Custom Themes - Visit the UC Theme Center or use your

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UC Browser HD

UC Browser HD

    HIGH SPEED - Visit websites faster with just one click.

    DOWNLOAD MANAGER - Download faster and manage files with ease.

    FULL SCREEN VIDEO - Watch video in full screen with a volume-adjustable player.

    MULTI-TOUCH - Add, close, and switch tabs with simple gestures.

    SPEED DIAL - Access your favorite websites with one tap from home page.

    NIGHT MODE - Dark theme for comfortable reading at night.

    INCOGNITO BROWSING - Private browsing in the same window.

    SYSTEM FUNCTION CONTROL - Redesigned menu for easier control of the browser, including brightness adjustment, screen lock, and page sharing.

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UC Browser mini

UC Browser mini

    1. Smart Downloading - Supports multi-task, background, and cloud downloading with auto reconnection.

    2. Fast Browsing - Speed Mode fetches the most suitable version of the web page based on your network.

    3. Full Screen Video - Supports full screen online video playing.

    4. Incognito Browsing - Private browsing to protect your privacy.

    5. Night Mode - Protect your eyes in the dark.

    6. Optimized Layout - Web pages are specially optimized for mobile screens.

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UC Browser

UC Browser

    - Share: Share your favorite pages or contents to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ with a simple press of the Share button.

    - Vox: Voice control over UC Browser, very fun way to give commands.

    - Multi-Touch: Play with UC Browser with your gestures, discover a great array of gesture commands.

    - Download Manager: Fast and stable download speed, with convenient file management.

    - Quick Reads: This RSS Reader keeps you up to date with news from NY Times, CNN, USA Today etc.

    - Autofill: Suggestions will be shown once you start typing in the address bar.

    - Night Mode: Better browsing in dark environments.

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4G Fast Internet For Browser

4G Fast Internet For Browser

    4G Fast Internet For Browser Android makes your browsing faster and stabilizer than other browsers when you use and work. It has many features which surprise you with well quality. It's designed very simple, light and safe mode. You might use very easy with watch videos, secure browser, especially it's FREE for everyone.

    Many Features:

    - Setting browsers before you use

    - Add favorite links to Speed Dial

    - Engine upgraded

    - Find words on the page is smart, fast

    - Mutil-share every time, every where

    - Fast search engine and popular: Bing, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, CNN, Amazon, eBay, Facebook...

    - Setting sidebar flexible with many color theme, text color...

    - Set action bar diversity

    - Smart download

    - Watch picture, video full screen, sharp, HD

    - Manage your favorite pages well, flexible

    - Manage bookmark well and delete cookie, history when you want

    - Open other tabs on the time

    - Block ads

    - Friendly interface, easy to use

    - Load page fast in a few seconds

    - Full private for user

    4G Fast speed browser is super fast mobile internet browser with a large number of users in more than 140 countries and products regions.This currently available for most versions of Android.

    You can use tablet computers, mobile phones, and devices only 1,7MB ... This product is available on all major operating platforms.

    With lightning speed, but fairly mild saves you clear memory and is faster than fast internet 3G, 4G different browser. Smart internet browser tweak our selves to offer high speed internet possible. That is why 3G, 4G speed up internet browser is widely used today compared to other products

    Products made with version 2.1 5G Speed Browser,.Ltd gently.

    Now you no longer uncomfortable with web surfing, watching videos and waiting too long delayed. Let's start having 4G Fast Internet Browser together today !! You will see the top of your browser.

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XMax - Fast Browser

XMax - Fast Browser

    -reload the page and make incredible speed

    -Support Adobe Flash (also works on Android 4.4+)

    -Download Cloud (up to 1G each file)

    -for Flash videos and games developed stage

    -virtual trackpad and gamepad

    -Add-on functions (Pocket, Evernote, Facebook, translator and more)

    -color theme for the toolbar and sidebar

    -JavaScript engine faster

    -cover up the tab: Auto-cleaning activities in your browsing application

    There are no restrictions

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