With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God

With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God

Stop Living Your Life Under, Over, From and For God and Start Living in Communion With Him.


If we've grown weary of Christianity, if we find most any local church uninspiring, maybe the problem lies not in the Christian faith or these faithful bodies, but in our own disgruntled hearts.  In With, Syke Jethani tenderly unmasks the clichéd posturing that too often masquerades as genuine communion with Christ.  More importantly, he takes readers to the humble place they must occupy?in prayer, studying Scripture, with the Church?if faith, hope, and love are to truly mark our lives.  -James H. Gilmore, author, The Experience Economy

Made of the stuff of spiritual classics and presented in simple, contemporary terms, Skye Jethani does each of us a great service in calling us to reimagine the way we relate to God.  We so readily fall prey to living out distortions and reductions to our Christian faith?with disastrous consequences.  You and I are far more than sinners, consumers, managers, and servants.  We are dearly loved by God and made for eternal communion with him.  Everything looks different when we live life in response to God's love.  -Paul Louis Metzger, Ph.D., Professor of Christian Theology & Theology of Culture, Multnomah Biblical Seminary and author of The Gospel of John: When Love Comes to Town

Cleverly using four prepositions—under, over, from, and for, Skye Jethani convincingly diagnoses the reigning paradigms of life?whether secular or religious—and shows how each one has captured some element of truth but in the end is deficient; Ultimately, they miss the most important thing—real communion with the living God. Thus utilizing one final preposition, With, he lays out what it really means to know and experience communion with God—a life of faith, hope and love?the very things that we all desperately want and need. This is a helpful, encouraging, and inspiring book.  -Jim Belcher, author of Deep Church

It doesn’t matter, as old theologians were rumored to argue, how many angels can dance on a pinhead. But it does matter which preposition governs your faith?over, after, against, for, from, under, with. Who knew what huge worlds turn on such tiny words? Who knew what theological riches were laced into the bones of grammar? Skye has done a great service to the church. In prose elegant and clear, with insights keen and deep, he shows how everything changes with just one word: With. It’s a book I want my whole church to read.  -Mark Buchanan, author of Spiritual Rhythm

Who knew that a preposition had so much influence? Skye's book will challenge the way that you think about God and faith digging deep into our motivations and heart issues. You can't read this book and not see yourself and others differently!  -Margaret Feinberg, author of Scouting the Divine and Hungry for God

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With: A Practical Guide to Informal Mentoring and Intentional Disciple Making

With: A Practical Guide to Informal Mentoring and Intentional Disciple Making

Jesus taught multitudes. He fed thousands. He sent seventy out to tell good news. But He changed the world through only twelve, and specifically invested in three men: Peter, James, and John. How did He do this? He walked with those He called as disciples, living life and applying truth to their world daily. You’re probably not a wandering rabbi, and you may have a busy life, but if you’ve known Christ long, you ought to be pouring into another life in a mentoring relationship. In With you will see how to take everyday life as a practical means for teaching another about walking with Jesus. The younger generation desperately seeks mentors to show them how to live for Jesus in a real world. You can help, and this book will show you how.

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The Divine Commodity: Discovering a Faith Beyond Consumer Christianity

The Divine Commodity: Discovering a Faith Beyond Consumer Christianity

The challenge facing Christianity today is not a lack of motivation or resources, but a failure of imagination. A growing number of people are disturbed by the values exhibited by the contemporary church. Worship has become entertainment, the church has become a shopping mall, and God has become a consumable product. Many sense that something is wrong, but they cannot imagine an alternative way. The Divine Commodity finally articulates what so many have been feeling and offers hope for the future of a post-consumer Christianity. Through Scripture, history, engaging narrative, and the inspiring art of Vincent van Gogh, The Divine Commodity explores spiritual practices that liberate our imaginations to live as Christ's people in a consumer culture opposed to the values of his kingdom. Each chapter shows how our formation as consumers has distorted an element of our faith. For example, the way churches have become corporations and how branding makes us more focused on image than reality. It then energizes an alternative vision for those seeking a more meaningful faith. Before we can hope to live differently, we must have our minds released from consumerism's grip and captivated once again by Christ.

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The Story of With: A Better Way to Live, Love, & Create

The Story of With: A Better Way to Live, Love, & Create

"Unique and powerful, The Story of With will take readers deep into the discovery of their own identity. "Bravo! This fascinating blend of storytelling and teaching will shift the thinking of all who take this journey." New York Times Bestselling Author, TED DEKKER

"Through allegory and invitation, Allen Arnold ushers us into a journey of imagination, insight, wonder, and wisdom...Read The Story of With!" New York Times Bestselling Co-Author of Captivating, STASI ELDREDGE

"This is your invitation into deeper identity, intimacy, and imagination with God. Like finding the place you've always longed to be. The moment you finish this book, you'll race to grab one for a friend. Highest Recommendation!" Bestselling Author of The Long Journey to Jake Palmer, JAMES L. RUBART

"Allen has written a roadmap for dreaming with God. The Story of With is a beautiful, revelatory parable, filled with wonder, mystery, and adventure." Author of Prone to Love & Untamed, JASON CLARK

- From the Foreword -

"You are not alone. Whether you’re a free spirit, an office exec, a writer, musician, college student, or tired parent—your soul, like mine, knows life is meant to go beyond rat races and rare applause. This book speaks to that belief. And if you’re not careful, you may find tears warming your eyes as you read because finally someone is naming your weariness, your striving, your questions of why you just can’t quite make it, or the emptiness that hit because maybe you did. It is into those places The Story of With reaches—fusing allegory with application—to offer fresh perspective, restored hope, and a rebirth of creativity.”

—From the Foreword by Mary Weber, Christy & Carol Award-Winning, Scholastic Pick Author of the Storm Siren Trilogy.

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Singing at Midnight: Following Jesus from the Garden to the Grave and into Glory

Singing at Midnight: Following Jesus from the Garden to the Grave and into Glory

How do we grow in our faith? Does it require some secret knowledge, a lab-tested program, or devoting ourselves to the right priest, pastor, or guru? We grow by welcoming God into the everyday challenges of life and facing our sufferings from his perspective and with his grace. For this reason, we should look carefully at Jesus’ suffering as a model for how to respond to injustice and agony to our own lives. With daily readings and prayers, “Singing at Midnight” traces the journey of Jesus from the Garden of Gethsemane, to the Cross of Calvary, and finally to the glory of eternity. The Apostle Peter spoke of this path, “Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps” (1 Peter 2:21). By looking at how Jesus’ endured and overcame his trials, we can learn to do the same.

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The Voting Booth: A new vision for Christian engagement in a post-Christian culture

The Voting Booth: A new vision for Christian engagement in a post-Christian culture

How should a Christian relate to the culture? For generations, Christians have been told to either escape the culture to avoid its ungodliness, or to aggressively engage the culture by seeking power and control over it. But are those a Christian’s only options? The Voting Booth presents a third path for a new generation of Christians seeking to love both God and their neighbor.

Written as a fictional dialogue between Christian, a confused voter, and three spirits of cultural engagement—Exodus, Exile, and Incarnation—The Voting Booth addresses many of the questions being asked by those struggling to follow Christ in our post-Christian age like:
-How do I respond to those who view Christian faith as oppressive?
-Why has Christianity become so political?
-What role does fear have in Christian cultural engagement?
-How should I interact with neighbors of other faiths?
-Have Christians lost the “Culture War”?
-How should I think about voting as a Christian?
-What is the role of the Church in the culture?
With engaging writing and surprising twists, The Voting Booth will challenge your assumptions and leave you with a new way of imagining your place in the culture.

What others are saying about "The Voting Booth"

"As an immigrant-turned-citizen facing only my second chance to vote in a presidential election, I am troubled by the options presented. Opinions from Christians abound, complete with blogs and Bible verses, but no clear path emerges. Skye’s allegory tale succinctly— if also slightly simplistically— represents the two dominant paradigms of Christian response: the call to escape, and the call to engage. He then offers a third perspective rooted in the incarnation. While the tale stops short of instruction, it is abounding in wisdom. This is an accessible read that provides a thoughtful way to name and evaluate the subconscious grids that undergird our approach to political engagement or disengagement. Best of all, it offers us a way to reflect on our perspective, posture, and purpose in a Christ-shaped way."
-Glenn Packiam, Pastor at New Life Downtown

"Skye Jethani is one of the most clear-headed, sober voices writing on faith and culture today. The Voting Booth raises questions many Christians wrestle with and provides answers that challenge and delight. In a time of political unrest and cultural upheaval, we can't afford to ignore what this book has to say."
- Jonathan Merritt, author of Jesus is Better Than You Imagined; contributing writer for The Atlantic

“In a creative and compelling way, Skye Jethani has written yet another book that pushes the American church in the right direction. His uncanny ability to put his finger up to the wind and chart the right direction forward is a huge help to our community as we navigate the increasingly treacherous waters of the secular west.”
- John Mark Comer, pastor for teaching and vision at Bridgetown Church and author of Loveology.

"In The Voting Booth, Skye Jethani beautifully crafts a dialogue between ‘Christian' and three personified postures we can take toward our culture. Eye-opening and thought provoking, Skye clearly illuminates the dominant but destructive attitudes that have dominated the American church for the last 100 years, and then shines a light on a better way. Highly recommended!”
- Phil Vischer, creator of VeggieTales, What’s In The Bible, and The Phil Vischer Podcast.

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