Topical Memory System

Topical Memory System

Topical Memory System - The Topical Memory System is the best-selling, easy-to-use, life-changing method for meditating on God's Word, shaping you from the inside out. Integrate God's Word into your everyday life. You read and study the Bible. Now you're ready for God's Word to take hold of your life-to shape you from the inside out. Topical Memory System is the clear, simple, proven way to meditate on key Bible verses. As a result, you can: Experience freedom from anxiety. Meditating on God's Word-writing His promises on your heart-will help you overcome worry and live in God's perfect peace. Triumph over temptation. When you hide God's Word in your heart, the sword of the Spirit is readily available for spiritual battle against sin. Gain confidence in witnessing. Learn a series of verses you can easily use to effectively share the gospel with friends, family, neighbors-anyone God brings your way anytime. Achieve spiritual fitness. Sense God's presence moment by moment with Scripture meditation, grow stronger in your faith, and become better equipped to meet the needs and opportunities you face each day.

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Topical Memory System

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